Speaking Kit

Download our Speaking Kit, for all necessary information about our seminars and workshops. 

Seminars & Therapies

Explosion of Dreams!

1. Identity

2. Purpose

3. Mission and then overcoming fear of death

4. Power of belief

5. Destroying illusions and fantasies 

6a. What needs are 

6b. How to meet them (Cover "6 human needs") 

7. Change state

8. Destroy old anchors and building new ones 

9. Life worth living......memories, defining peer group, connecting with others, feeling rajah, adding value, see everything 

10. Role models similar to you, and dissimilar (diversity) 

11. Gratefulness Activity

12. Peace Activity 

13. Wining Activity 

14. Drive Activity 

15. Rocking Chair Activity 

Kingdom of God

1. Seek and you will find. What does seeking do? What is a scotoma?  

2. Make the Kingdom of God your primary concern

3. Put aside selfish ambition 

4. Stop sinning 

5. Baptism of spirit and water 

6. Loss of salvation  

7. Peace love and grace 

8. Explanation of parables and synonyms   

9. Kingdom of God 

10. Components, ideas, trinity, angels, brothers 

11. Physical elements  

12. How to enter  

13. Love God 1st

14. Brothers as self, forgive 

15. Repentance. Ask for forgiveness  

16. Deny self and pick up cross   

17. Become one in God, and brothers  

18. Shared identity  

19. Honor honors honor  

20. Forgiveness  

21. How to serve. When to serve  

22. Fill your cup 1st 

23. Types of love and how to do it  

24. Unconditional love, its purpose 

25. Living fulfilled using the kingdom        

Walking in it daily    

1. Unconditional Love  

2. Grace  

3. Deserving 

4. Understanding the Spirit when he speaks  

5. Updating all the time  

6. Walking in your path  

7. Peer group

8. View of God  

9. Getting through some difficulties that hold people back or keep them reluctant  

10. How to carry yourself  

11. Don’t be afraid, be confident, rejoice 

12. Count it all as joy  

13. He is out of your league. Understanding the big picture, reconciling with the big picture  

14. Be anxious for nothing            

How you deal with Others      

1. God will be telling you both the same thing, walking in one accord  

2. Praying together  

3. Being as one  

4. Giving your life for a friend 

5. Serving, when to serve, how to serve  

6. Putting others first, only after loving yourself first  

7. Identifying the purpose of those who are Spirit filled in your life  

8. How to filter in the heart space, then service space, then everyone else who is unqualified             

How you work with God    

1. How to view him 

2. How to understand him and work with him when you don’t understand  

3. Worship and what it is

4. Sacrifice time, talent and testimony treasures to God without financial trade  

5. Knowing what and who is worthy of your time. How and when to say you “Don’t have time”, “Whatever”, or keep quiet.  

6. Understanding second chances and him allowing you to go through trials. 

7. He is always with you.  

8. How to pray, what to pray for: Prayer Supplement, Thanksgiving 

9. There are no accidents.  

10. Why do bad things happen to good people?               


What is trauma specifically. Expert Collin Ross explains dissociative identity disorder. 


Yogi Debra teaches Breath of Fire, one of the most important pranayama in Kundalini yoga, for Spirit Voyage.  Breath of Fire cleanses the body, mind and spirit. 

Relationship Therapy

Claudia speaks about heightening communication between loved ones. The high level of importance of understanding and being present. 


Jordan explains the importance of service and community outreach eloquently. 


Neva's speech "Take Opportunities, Make Opportunities and Walk Through Fear," is about her journey to becoming a dietitian and nutrition communications consultant. 

Life Skills

Jon demonstrates the skills of NLP. He demonstrates the skillfulness of our NLP trained counselors by giving you practical skills to apply quickly and effectively. 


Laura teaches the skill of anchoring. We learn the skill of anchoring useful states and emotions.