Marketing Internship

Be the The Way’s Rep on your campus! 

We’re looking for students with an innate passion for healing therapies. We are looking for students who aspire to go above and beyond what’s expected and who want to lead and mentor the next generation of community leaders.

 We’ll provide the tools, training, and networking opportunities so you can develop and refine the skills you need to jump-start your career.   The Way’s Community Representatives are student leaders, empowered to build strong communities of peace on their campus and share their deep knowledge and passion for personal healing with their fellow classmates.  

 Reps receive: 


Leadership Experience 

– Host fun workshops, leadership counselling, and give demos on campus to grow a community of students. 

 Resume Building 

- Enhance their promotional skills, add to their professional experience and work alongside professionals. 

 Exclusive Access 

– Receive insider training, exposure to career opportunities, and access to the latest events. Spend your summer developing your communication skills. As an intern working in our program, you will learn how to apply multiple methods to address a wide range of mental, physical, and spiritual health issues.

The Way’s Community Representative Program is an internship designed to provide the individual the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience by working alongside psychologists and healing practitioners in areas of personnel assessment. The Way provides cutting-edge, behavior analytic services to our clients, including: On-site and online training, online client management, and behavior analysis and community resources/charity.


 -Provide direct therapy in individual sessions

 -Work with staff to implement individualized goals and treatment plans

 -Maintain respect and confidentiality for all clients

 -Practices under the close, ongoing supervision of our team.

 -Primarily responsible for the direct implementation of skill-acquisition and behavior modification plans developed by the supervisor.

 -Trains parents on behavioral protocol and model procedures when necessary

 -Attends bi-weekly supervision meetings

 -Collects data for all reduction and acquisition behaviors  The counselor will provide services to each client for an average of 10-15 hours each week, depending on authorization, scheduling and needs. 



 100 active Student Partners now in the U.S. at many of the universities and colleges Run events, which gives you the freedom to really do what you do best. Run a seminar to promote our development, give lectures on developing for better communication methods, get students to team up and compete in games. Our program is active in over 70 countries around the world! Help at events to promote The Way’s development. Social Media: This covers everything from posting on Facebook, tweeting, blogging, creating YouTube videos or any other platforms that you enjoy using. Develop your own programs and events .

• Blogging – up to 3 hours a week (depends on how many posts) 

• Facebook/Twitter – up to a half hour a day, sometimes more

 • YouTube – up to 20 minutes per video per week 

 • Running events – 24/48 hours 

 • Making programs – varies day-to-day with university work

 • Meetings – an hour every other week

 • E-mails – about 15 minutes a day